Age is Nothing But a Number: So Why Is Society Still Frowning Upon Women Dating Younger Men?

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They’ve been the topic of many tabloid headlines and online conversations, with people questioning the morality of getting involved with someone much older or younger.

Many love to argue that the power dynamics are off-kilter, with the older person having more experience, more money, and more control.

But is it really that simple?

Finding out your crush is a decade or more older might raise some eyebrows (or some other body parts), but where do you draw the line? Is a two-year gap acceptable, but ten years too much? At what point does the age gap become a deal-breaker? 

It’s a thorny issue, to be sure, but one thing’s for sure, love knows no bounds.

Age Ain’t Nothing But Number… Unless You’re a Woman: The Gendered Double Standards of Age Gaps

Despite the fact that age gaps in relationships are nothing new, there still seems to be a gender double standard at play.

As this study points out, why is it that when an older man dates a younger woman, it’s seen as acceptable and even desirable, but when an older woman dates a younger man, it’s met with disapproval and criticism?

It’s not uncommon to find people who are more accepting of a 30 something years-old man with a 20 something years-old woman than the other way around. 

But when an older woman dates a younger man is it met with disapproval and criticism? As Liz Goldwyn, author of Sex, Health & Consciousness, points out, this double standard has been upheld for centuries, with little to no issue.

 When will it be acknowledged that women can age like fine wine too? And that consensual age-discrepant relationships should be judged on their merits, not on outdated gender stereotypes.

While Society May Still Scoff at Women Dating Younger Men, Data Shows That it’s Not as Rare as Some Might Think

While the average age difference between hetero couples in the US is a mere 2.5 years, there’s a lingering stigma attached to women who choose to date younger men. But other studies have shown that over a 13-year period, older women dating younger men report higher levels of marital satisfaction compared to their counterparts. It’s as if this judgement against women dating younger men is rooted in an outdated patriarchal propaganda. However, times are changing, and a recent analysis of US 

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Census Bureau data, almost 15% of women are in a committed relationship with a man between two and 20 years younger.

The Mind Gap is the Real Culprit When it Comes to Age-gap Relationships

Even if the age difference is smaller, the fact that both partners may be at different stages of their lives and have different visions for the future can cause tension. It’s not just a matter of age; it’s a matter of mindset.

 The age difference between partners can sometimes create a mind gap, where they are at different stages in their lives and have different visions for their future. It can lead to pressure and conflicts if they can’t agree on the same goals.

It could be an issue when  relationships between young adults (18-25) and older partners can be tricky. A 30-year-old with an 18-year-old partner may face accusations of being a pedophile due to the vast difference in life experience and maturity.

The younger partner may have just left school and only experienced life as a child and teenager, while the older partner has had more time to gain valuable life experience. It’s important to consider these factors before pursuing a relationship with a significant age gap.

What About Large Age-Disparity Relationships in Which Both Partners Have Reached a More Mature Stage in Their Life are More Tolerable?

Yes, Large age-disparity relationships are more tolerable if both partners have reached a mature stage in life.

While relationships with significant age differences can be tricky to navigate, there are certain scenarios where they may work better. When both partners are at a more mature stage in their lives, they may have more in common and be better suited for each other.

By the time people hit 30, they’ve usually got some sort of plan in place for their future. And if you’re a 50-year-old with a 30-year-old partner, chances are you’ve both weathered some of life’s challenges. The younger partner might be looking for someone who’s wiser and more knowledgeable, and on the same page as them.

Ultimately, it comes down to maturity and life stage. If you’re in an age-gap relationship, give yourself enough time to consider where you are now and where you want to be in the future. 

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Although age might be just a number – maturity and life experience count for a lot.

We Shouldn’t Be so Tied to a Fixed Idea of What Romance Should Look Like That we Don’t Want People to Find Happiness, Even if it Doesn’t Look the Same as Our Own

Ah, here comes the hypocrisy of ageing and romance.

We can’t seem to make up our minds when it comes to aging and romance.

On one hand, we want someone with life experience and maturity.

On the other hand, we desire youthful vitality and a wrinkle-free complexion. We complain about emotional baggage, yet we’re suspicious if someone hasn’t been in a long-term relationship.

We’re quick to judge any age difference, all while trying to espouse progressive views on love.

And let’s not forget about the double standard.

Women who date younger men are often ridiculed and called names like “cougar” or “cradle snatcher.” We worry about power imbalances and transactional relationships, yet we’re reluctant to accept that a younger man might find an older woman attractive. It’s easier to cling to outdated sexist stereotypes than to see a mature woman as a sexual being.

If we want to change this narrative, we need to start normalizing these relationships. We need to recognize that women with wrinkles and gray hair (even on their chins!) are still worthy of being desired.

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