About us

Welcome to Intrigue pages

Intriguepages is a fresh, inspiring, and reading nook for women who want to become better versions of themselves.

We talk about real-life issues in the woman’s world. From life advice, culture, self improvement tips, science, money advice, and women empowerment. To inspire, inform, and entertain. 

Our articles are not crafted to dictate thoughts, instead, they’re ignite inspiration through thought-provoking blog posts, in hopes to shield women from societal pressures that dictate what they should be and do.

Instead, our focus is on guiding women toward paths to longevity and self-love. We hope to encourage you to embrace your true selves where it counts.

Our Goal

We’re a tight-knit sisterhood of female writers driven by a common goal — to publish purpose-driven articles that inform and entertain women. We’re not just about content, we’re about quality content.

Our decisions are backed by science and solid data (where need be), all while valuing the importance of critical thinking. Beyond delivering valuable content, we strive to make our blog a warm and engaging space for our readers.

While we acknowledge everyone’s path to fulfillment and happiness is diverse,  Intriguepages draws from history, science, and human nature to offer profound insights. From Self-Improvement to Culture and beyond, we’ve got a variety of topics to keep you intrigued.

Thank you for dropping by, we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing. If you have any questions, or comments, please contact us here.


Meet the faces behind Intrigue Pages


Grace T. Fay

Grace Fabunmi is a Co-founder and editor of Intrigue Pages. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has previously worked as a researcher and copy editor. She co-founded Intrigue Pages due to an insatiable desire to reignite a seemingly long-abandoned hobby – starting a blog and writing about her favorite topics. 

Now that she has decided to write on her blog, she uses her free time to write her heart out and tailors it to what she knows best: writing about women’s wins and struggles. Her thoughtful articles are geared towards celebrating the scope of women’s lives – from self improvement to culture content that enrich and drive important conversations. When she’s not writing, she’s out and about enjoying gardening, cooking, and getting lost in her favorite books.


Christina Pugh

Christine Pugh is an associate-editor, web designer, and co-founder at Intrigue Pages. She prides herself on helping to run this blog and contributing new ideas to its content. She’s a computer analyst by profession and a writer by nature. Christine cherishes her time off work, whether strolling through sunlit parks or savoring a good book with a cup of tea, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of life.