13 Telltale Signs of a Highly Confident Woman

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Watching kids play sometimes reminds me of my childhood. They’re little bundles of energy, bursting with enthusiasm as they’re eagerly ready for  school.

As kids we might remember things like making friends used to be as exciting as unwrapping a present on our birthdays. Can you remember how you used to bounce with anticipation, those first-day jitters? It was a time filled with an unshakable confidence that seemed to radiate from every pore.

Fast forward to today, and you might find yourself wondering—where did all that confidence go? Unfortunately, somewhere between puberty, our confidence gets crushed, as we grow older we start to realize There are some restraints, responsibilities, expectations, and the occasional curveball has a tendency to dim that bright light of self-assurance. 

Ypulse, a specialized polling firm catering to tweens and teens, conducted a survey that shed light on a concerning trend. Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels fall by 30 percent. At 14, when girls are hitting their low, boys’ confidence is still 27 percent higher.

Our Confidence Don’t Disappear Into Thin Air It’s a Treasure Buried Beneath The Sands of Adulthood

Dealing with the complexities of life, we forget that the same reservoir of courage we tapped into as kids still flows within us, fortunately. It might be a little rusty, hidden beneath layers of doubt and uncertainty, but it’s there.

How can You Reignite Your Confidence?

It all starts with having a clear grasp of your values, desires, and necessities. When you’re certain about what you stand for and what you need, you gain the power to steer your thoughts, decisions, and actions. You establish the boundaries and rules that govern your choices, and you know that as long as you’re within those boundaries, you have every reason to be self-assured.

Confidence isn’t just a feeling inside your head, it’s also a visible aspect of how you carry yourself. For a bit of context (whether you’re looking to apply these behaviors in your life or you’re simply intrigued by what makes confident individuals tick), we’ve compiled a list of 12 telltale signs that will give you a clear picture.


They Prioritize Taking Care of Themselves

When it comes to confident women, one trait that tends to stand out is their dedication to self-care. Taking care of oneself isn’t just about pampering or indulgence, it’s a fundamental aspect of how you cultivate and maintain your confidence.

When you invest time and effort into your well-being, whether it’s through regular exercise, nourishing meals, or even just some good relaxation, you’re sending a powerful message to yourself that you matter and deserve to feel good and be taken care of. And that simple act of prioritizing your own needs has a profound impact on your self-assurance.

In addition, confident people understand that their thoughts and emotions are intertwined with their overall well-being. So, they make it a point to engage in activities that foster mental clarity, emotional resilience, and a healthy mindset.

Does this mean confident people have an endless supply of time and resources? Not necessarily. It’s about recognizing that self-care doesn’t have to be grand or extravagant. It’s the small, day-to-day consistent choices they make to honor their own well-being that add up over time.

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You’ll Find Them Listening More than They Talk

They’re great listeners. You might think, “Wait, shouldn’t they be doing most of the talking?” Not necessarily. Confident people don’t need to fill every silence with their words. They’re comfy with who they are, so they don’t feel the need to prove themselves by talking nonstop. They get that everyone’s got awesome ideas, and they’re excited to hear them.

This is an important skill everyone should learn, so why not give it a shot? Instead of always blabbering and sharing your thoughts, why not switch gears and listen more. And you know what?  This gives room to opportunity to learn a bunch from others, and connect with them.

You might be surprised that whenever you decide to talk, people will genuinely be interested in what you have to say, because by being a good listener, you showed them you valued their thoughts. And in return, they’ll all ears to yours.


Confident People Appear Confident

Sometimes it’s difficult not to wear our emotions. You can spot an insecure person just by looking at them because it’s all too telling. In contrast, confident Women appear confident. For example, a confident person is that woman you spot at a big event, maybe a conference or a party, and she immediately captures your attention. She’s not necessarily the loudest or the center of attention, but there’s something about her that stands out.

As you observe her, you realize that she has this air of confidence about her. It’s not that she’s trying too hard or putting on a show, it’s more like an aura that naturally radiates from her. She walks with a certain grace, her posture is straight, and her eye contact is steady. When this confident woman speaks, her words have weight. She doesn’t dominate the conversation, but when she shares her thoughts, people listen. There’s a certain assurance in her tone that commands attention. Now that’s the definition of a confident woman.

What’s fascinating is that this confident woman doesn’t need to tell you how confident she is. You can see it in the way she carries herself. She’s not fidgeting or trying to shrink into the background. Instead, she seems comfortable in her own skin, and she knows exactly who she is and what she stands for.


They Are Assertive

Another thing that goes hand in hand with confidence is being assertive. Can you really say you’re confident if you’re not up for expressing your thoughts, feelings, and what you believe you deserve? Confident Women are cool communicators who know how to put their cards on the table without causing a ruckus. It’s not about being a bulldozer, it’s about standing your ground in a respectful way.

Imagine you’re killing it at your job, but you’re not being paid what you believe you deserve. A confident move would be to speak up. You’re not stomping your feet demanding attention, you’re just putting your case forward in a way that’s clear and composed.

Or you can think of it as speaking up for yourself in a conversation— not by shouting over everyone, but by making your point confidently. Assertiveness isn’t about being aggressive, it’s about being your own advocate in a way that shows you’re confident in your stance.

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They’re Not Pushovers

This trait is similar to being assertive. And sometimes they’re mistaken for being stubborn or closed off—it’s actually the opposite. They’re open-minded and willing to engage, but they also have strong boundaries. They understand that saying “yes” to everything might mean saying “no” to their own needs or values.

One thing you’ll quickly notice is that they’re definitely not pushovers. This means they’re not the type to be easily manipulated or controlled by others. They know their worth, and that’s not something they’re willing to compromise easily. They’re not swayed by every whim or demand that comes their way. 

When they face situations where someone might be trying to manipulate or take advantage, they handle it with grace and firmness. They’re not rude, but they’re definitely not going to be walked all over. 


They Keep Going Even When Things Get Tough

Confident Women have this inner fire that keeps them going, no matter how tough the going gets.Their perseverance is a reflection of their strong self-belief and their understanding that challenges are simply stepping stones on the path to success.

When someone is confident in themselves, they have a solid foundation of self-belief to fall back on. This foundation serves as a wellspring of motivation, urging them to keep pushing forward, experiment, and adapt even when the odds seem stacked against them. They understand that setbacks and difficulties are just part of the journey, not roadblocks that define their worth or abilities.

Their persistence isn’t fueled by blind stubbornness, it’s rooted in a deep sense of self-assurance. Confident people know that their skills and talents are not defined by a single failure or roadblock. They understand that each challenge is an opportunity for growth and learning, and they approach them with that mindset.


They Set Goals and Work Towards Them

When confident people set goals, it’s not just about dreaming big, it’s about drawing a roadmap to transform those dreams into reality. And the journey is rarely a straight line. But their confidence allows them to adapt, pivot, and keep moving despite the twists and turns. 

When someone is confident, they have a clear sense of what they want to achieve. They’re not content with just coasting along and putting things off, they set their sights on specific goals that align with their values and ambitions. Their confidence fuels their belief that these goals are attainable. They’re not easily swayed by doubts or distractions because they have that unshakeable belief in their abilities. This conviction not only propels them forward but also helps them overcome obstacles along the way.


They’re Not Afraid to Admit When They’re Wrong

 For example, learning how to ride a bike comes with certain challenges. You might wobble and fall a few times before you master it. Confident people understand that life is like that too. Sometimes you wobble, sometimes you fall, but it’s all part of life.

When someone is confident, they know they’re awesome, but they also know they’re not perfect. They’re totally okay with not being perfect. Instead of hiding their mistakes or pretending they’re right all the time, they can admit it when they’re wrong. They know that owning up to their mistakes actually makes them even more awesome. It shows they’re honest and brave enough to learn and grow.

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They Don’t Brag But They’re Not Afraid to Speak Up When They Need to

Confident women don’t brag, but when it’s important, they use their voice without being scared. When a confident woman enters a room, you might not hear her announcing all her achievements. But when it’s time to share her thoughts, she steps up with a voice that’s clear and steady. She knows her opinions matter, and she’s not afraid to let them be heard.


They Are Friendly to Others

We often assume that really confident people are too caught up in their own world to be friendly. But guess what? That’s not the case at all. In fact, I’ve noticed that those who are truly confident often wear a smile and take a moment to greet others.

Think about that person you know who’s always smiling and ready to say hello. Doesn’t that simple act make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Well, that’s the power of confident people—they spread good vibes just by being nice.

Confidence isn’t about being the noisiest or the flashiest. It’s about being genuinely kind and boosting others’ spirits. It just has this amazing ripple effect on how people perceive you and how you feel about yourself.


They Don’t Demand Validation From Others

Although confident women certainly appreciate applaud from others, they don’t go around asking for approval. 

When they finish a task or simply be themselves, they’re not desperately seeking nods of agreement from everyone around. They’re cool with their own judgement. So, while they appreciate compliments, they don’t hinge their self-esteem on them.


They Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

They have an amazing knack for recognizing their strengths and their limits. They know no one is a one-person army, and that’s totally fine.

Because they’re self-aware, they know that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. Actually, they see it as a pretty strong move. They know instead of pretending the have it all figured out, a confident move would be to ask someone to help them find those missing bits. It’s not about admitting defeat, it’s about showing that you’re open to new perspectives and ideas. Confident people know that by asking for help, they’re not just getting solutions, they’re getting a fresh pair of eyes and a new way of thinking.


A Confident Person Celebrate Others Too

It’s easy to think that confidence means only caring about your own achievements. But a truly confident woman breaks that mold. She’s magnetic force that draws happiness from the achievements of those around her.

If you have a friend who’s genuinely excited when you ace something. Their joy is contagious, and it feels amazing, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what a confident woman does. She’s genuinely happy for others.

When she’s in a room where someone is shining, maybe they got a promotion or aced a project. While some might feel envious or threatened, this confident woman is right there, cheering them on. Her happiness isn’t just a show, it’s a reflection of her own inner assurance.

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