10 Habits That’s Slowly Making You Ugly

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When we’re young, we feel invincible and think we can get away with a lot – like smoking, excessive drinking, or sunbathing in the sun for hours on end.

One bad choice leads to a series of others. We don’t care about how our choices today as long as we’re living our lives. But the truth is, there are actions we take today that might be taking a toll on our appearance, and this effect can become more pronounced over time.

Not to mention some of these habits can cause irreversible damage to our health and skin. 

But the good news is, it’s never too late to start correcting these mistakes. By changing bad habits and making better choices now, you’re not just doing your future self a favor, but your present self as well. 

Here are 10 mixture of fun, superficial, health, and attitude that are slowly chipping away at your attractiveness.


Not Having a Proper Sleep Schedule

In the quest for good health and radiant skin, one often-overlooked factor is a consistent sleep schedule. You might argue, ‘Well, I still manage to get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep,’ but I hate to break it to you – that’s not ideal for your mental and physical state, the timing matters just as much as the duration.

Our bodies operate on an internal clock, and maintaining a regular sleep pattern is crucial for overall well-being. Ideally, aiming for a sleep routine from 10 PM to 6 AM is recommended.

The consequences of consistently staying up late goes beyond productivity, it can affect your skin as well. Late nights can spike your cortisol levels, resulting in a tired, dull, and unhealthy appearance, coupled with those dreaded under eye bags. I’ve been there myself. Have you ever noticed how a good night’s sleep can leave you looking refreshed, like an entirely new person? That’s the transformative power of quality sleep.

In addition to your appearance, you risk throwing your skincare routine off-balance, this makes you more vulnerable to skin issues. It can disrupt your skincare routine or lead to one that doesn’t work with your skin no matter the brand of the products. Interestingly, many skin issues, including acne (which plagued me throughout high school), can be traced back to poor sleep habits.

So, if you’ve tried every acne remedy under the sun with no success you may be  surprised to find that the key to balancing your skin health and routine is as simple as getting sufficient sleep.


Having a Poor Diet

When it comes to skincare and makeup, they would only enhance your appearance when you have a solid foundation to begin with.

And you know what builds that foundation? A good diet.

Yes, genetics play a role, no doubt about it. But even if you have good genes on your side, if you chow down on junk all day, never exercise and eat right, you can’t look your best.

A lot of people are willing to invest thousands of dollars on their skincare routines but pay little to no attention to what they put into their stomachs. It goes without saying that whatever we put in our stomachs is what we see on the outside.

There’s a limit to what even the most elaborate skincare routine can ‘fix,’ especially when it comes to repairing damage, particularly on our faces.

Do you consume a lot of sugar? Sugar is one of the quickest routes to damaging your skin. It’s worth considering cutting back on sugar or eliminating it entirely. Are you overindulging in refined carbs, loading up on coffee, or having one too many alcoholic drinks? Perhaps, it’s time to explore a healthier diet.

Although eating healthy doesn’t instantly turn you into a supermodel, but it does have a huge impact on body and beauty:

  • Among other things, eating right can help dial down inflammation, giving your skin that healthy glow.
  • Better digestion, quicker recovery from exercise and increases energy levels, which makes you more likely to exercise and take great care of yourself.
  • Nourishes your systems, tissues, and cells, which makes it less likely that you’ll suffer from specific nutritional deficiencies which can lead to things like dull skin, thin hair, brittle nails, depression, low mood etc.
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So, fill your plate with fruits, veggies, and healthy fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil and fish. The more variety, the better.


Talking Poorly About Your Friends

Have you ever wondered how your friends perceive you when you openly smack talk another friend in front of them? It’s likely they’ll question whether you’d do the same to them when they’re not around.

We all have moments when we want to share our frustrations, and it’s perfectly natural to want to vent about what’s bothering you, to confide in friends when X or Y has upset you. In fact that’s normal and can be therapeutic. However, this doesn’t give you a free pass to belittle anyone, regardless of how hurt you may feel.

Why is this so important?

First, everytime you openly try to belittle someone,  you risk creating an unfavorable impression of yourself, potentially driving away the very people you’d want to keep close.

Second, this habit can take a toll on your mental well-being because you can become addicted to negative feelings. Criticism and negativity can become ingrained, leading to lifelong habits if not kept in check.

Sometimes, it can be a sign of lack of intelligence or boredom. Plus it even hints at deeper personal issues:

  • Low self-esteem, seeking validation even at the expense of others.
  • Deep-seated jealousy and insecurity.
  • Projecting your own problems onto others.
  • You don’t know that spreading malicious gossip damages you as much as it damages the person you are talking about.
  • Believing that demeaning others elevates your image.
  • Overcompensating for your own shortcomings.
  • A tendency toward self-absorption.

A Better Approach

More importantly, know when to draw the line between expressing concerns and belittling others. When you’re mentally and emotionally secure, you don’t need to elevate yourself to prove that you’re better than someone else.

If you encounter a problem or wish to address someone’s behavior, do so with maturity and class. Depending on the situation, consider quietly addressing the issue and offering support, that way you’re sidestepping unnecessary drama while maintaining your dignity.



If there’s one factor that can accelerate the aging process even more swiftly than your diet, it’s stress. Stress comes with a whole package of undesirable effects that you’d rather steer clear of.

That’s precisely why it’s important to master stress control because, over time, it can detract from your attractiveness, hasten the aging process, harm your cells, and send your cortisol levels through the roof, leaving you vulnerable to various diseases. 

One important life rule is to learn to eliminate stressors from your life – and I mean right now.

But what if you can’t get rid of it? 

I get it, sometimes you can’t just wave a magic wand and make it disappear. In those cases, you need to learn how to manage it.

If your workplace is a stress factory, too stressful to manage, it might be worth considering a change to a better work environment. Being around friends that don’t value you, or make you feel depressed? cut them off. Are you in a relationship that’s constantly stressing you out, you might be better off staying single for now.

Even the simple act of sitting for too long without moving can stress you out—this goes back to listening to your body, our body has a way of telling us when we’re under pressure. When you’re constantly cutting/managing stress in your life you’re refreshing your body and mind and in turn you’ll be rewarded—you already know—Peace of mind and that beautiful glow that makes you attractive.

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Complaining All The Time

No one wants to be around someone who complains all the time. This is an ugly trait that can piss off anyone around you, and that automatically makes you unattractive. Aside from the fact that complaining is bad for your health, it also rewires your brain for negativity . Sometimes it can even be a sign of mental illness. Complaining all the time can make a beautiful person ugly. 

Yes this is easier said than done because everyone has something to complain about. Life throws curveballs and you feel like complaining about every single thing that’s wrong or not going your way. Yes, you can complain when it’s needed.

But when you do complain, watch yourself too. Try to stop complaining all the time before you get toxic. That’s where being grateful comes to play. If you’re a Christian, you’ll know God has done plenty of things in our life to be grateful for. And so gratitude is one way to keep a healthy mind and outlook on life.



If you picked up smoking because your family or friends do it, maybe as a way to rebel or assert your independence, or simply because you thought everyone was doing it and it looked cool–think again.

It’s not.

Whatever your reason for smoking may be. It’s a big NO to your physical and mental health.

If you want to keep your appealing look long term, smoking isn’t something you want to keep in the picture. Smoking does a number on your skin over time, leading to issues like dryness, uneven pigmentation, colored teeth, under-eye bags, a saggy jawline, and more pronounced facial wrinkles and lines.

Smoking generally affects collagen and elastin, which are elastic fibers that keep the skin plump and firm—which skyrocket your ageing process, affecting your overall appearance.

When you quit smoking and adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle that gradually promotes healthy skin, then you can reclaim some of that skin elasticity that smoking has stolen from you.


Too much Makeup 

Ladies, There’s nothing worse than applying makeup that does nothing to flatter your features. We’ve all been there, especially when we first started out in high school—when makeup seemed to change every month while we were figuring out what works for our faces. One day it’s smoky eyes, the next it’s bold and colorful. 

But as with many things in life, less is often more. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown, right? Many women eventually come to this realization, which explains what the trend nowadays is all about embracing a natural makeup look that complements your beauty instead of masking it.

So if a classy, elegant, sexy, yet simple look is what you want there are countless tutorials out there that can guide you through achieving that subtle and stunning look that complements your unique features.


Spending too much time in the sun (especially without sunscreen)

This list won’t be complete without this one life changing tip:

Never skip sunscreen when you’re heading outdoors.

Even on overcast days, it’s a big no-no to step outside without your trusty sunscreen. 

UV rays can penetrate clouds. “Unless you are completely shaded and protected from the sun, you still need sunscreen on cloudy days,” says Dr. Jonathan Leventhal, MD, a Yale Medicine onco-dermatologist.

Going without sun protection is a major contributor to problems like wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dark spots, and can even weaken your body’s defense against illnesses. And it doesn’t do any favors for your attractiveness either.

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 Studies has shown the radiation from the sun causes changes to the DNA in the cells of your skin. Sun damage can happen with just a short period of time outside. This can lead to premature skin ageing (photoaging) and skin cancer. To protect yourself from the sun, make sunscreen your best friend, wear protective clothing and avoid sunlight in the middle of the day when UV rays are strongest.


Poor Body Posture

The way you sit or stand makes a big difference in how others perceive you. Good posture can enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem. When you feel great and confident on the inside, it’s noticeable to others.

Slouching or craning your neck to stare at your phone? Not the most confident look, is it? In reality, those who frequently receive compliments for their appearance or confidence are typically the ones who maintain proper posture among other things.

Why is posture such a big deal, you ask? It’s your first impression, posture is so important because it’s the first thing people often recognize about you even when no one’s consciously paying attention. It sends out subtle subconscious signals about whether you’re feeling confident or not.


You Need a Wardrobe Transformation

Ladies, if your clothes aren’t making you happy, it’s time for a wardrobe makeover. Feeling insecure in your outfits can leave you feeling like you’re struggling to find the right ‘cover’ to express yourself, and that can seriously hinder your journey to self-confidence. Not to mention, confidence is a BIG deal for us women.

Whether we notice it or not, we absolutely do judge a book by its cover. How we look is how people perceive us because that’s usually the first thing we learn about someone, do you feel confident or beautiful? People will see it and be attracted to your energy. This has nothing to do with whether or not humans are shallow or anything, it’s just what it is. And thinking your friends or even family wouldn’t judge you for how you look is an unrealistic thought process.

Unfortunately, most of us had spent much of our adult life feeling unattractive. 

It took a lot of time before I realized I was just a woman who was in the habit of wearing only jeans and tees with zero to no makeup (other than my lip balm). I didn’t send out “I’m beautiful” or “I’m comfortable in my skin” vibes. Now that I’m older, I redid my wardrobe, searched some makeup tutorials on YouTube, and started picking out clothes with my outgoing personality. Now when I wear a cute dress and light make up, and wear my curly hair short, I get lots of looks, winks and smiles. I found out it was never my attractiveness. It was the message I was putting out.

If you hate what you wear, why not ask yourself, 

“Why am I wearing things I hate?”

Why not give your closet a haul? Start investing in clothes that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Explore and have fun while you’re at it.

It might take some time to find your style so be patient. However, there are few tips to speed up the process, like reading books on how to find your own style, or even exploring different dress codes— you might want to start being open to looking into cute conservative fashion styles. (I used to hate shopping. now I don’t)—It’s an eye-opener to learn about how clothes go together, understanding patterns, and most importantly, how to pair colors.

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