13 Amazing Facts About Women You Should Know

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Here’s a topic close to our hearts. Women. As a woman surrounded by women I know one thing to be true; women are incredible beings who make the world go round. From our brains to our bodies, from history to modern-day feats, there’s a whole lot to discover and appreciate about the female half of the population.

To the man reading this, if you have incredible women who rock your world in more ways than you realize, you might think you know all there’s to know about them, but hold onto your hats because we’re about to uncover 10 amazing facts that might just surprise you. 

While the list could go on, these are just a few examples of how women are unique and remarkable beings.



Women’s Bodies Are Amazing When it Comes to Surviving Tough Situations

Women’s bodies have more fat thanks to a hormone called estrogen. Aside from its influence on fertility, it also helps to stay warmer and energized in tough situations. Estrogen also boosts the immune system and guards against many diseases, keeping women healthier in general. 

On the other hand, testosterone can weaken the immune system. Plus, women have two X chromosomes, which can give them an edge in survival compared to men’s one X chromosome. 

This extra chromosome gives women a sort of genetic backup plan, meaning more resilience and diversity, just in case one of those X chromosomes isn’t up to par, giving us a slight boost when it comes to survival.



Women Can Impact Babies’ Health Before Birth

Before a baby is even born, a mom’s choices can shape its health. What she eats, how active she is, and how stressed she feels during pregnancy all play a role. Studies point out that these factors can affect everything from the baby’s weight at birth to its risk of health issues down the road. Plus, what a mom eats can influence the hormones her body produces, which in turn affects the baby’s hormone levels while still in the womb.



Women Can Sense Changes in Their Surroundings

Or what some refer to as a “sixth sense” – women have been said to have a knack for picking up on shifts in their environment, even ones that aren’t obvious at first glance. Experts think this heightened intuition is tied to oxytocin, the hormone that helps us bond with others and feel empathy. Thanks to oxytocin, women tend to notice the little things, like when someone needs help or when there might be a potential danger lurking nearby.

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Women Possess Acute Sense of Smell

According to the National Library of Medicine Women tend to have a sharper sense of smell compared to men, thanks to both evolutionary instincts and hormone changes. This keen sense helps them pick up on even the slightest changes in their surroundings, giving them an edge in spotting potential dangers and caring for others. Plus, hormones like estrogen and progesterone can tweak a woman’s sense of smell, making her more tuned in to certain scents at different times of her menstrual cycle. Although, sometimes, a weak sense of smell could signal underlying health issues like hormonal imbalances or neurological disorders in women (via zadehmd).



Stronger Immune System

Women’s immune systems are typically stronger than men’s, and it’s mostly due to the X chromosome we mentioned earlier. This chromosome packs a wider range of immune-related genes, giving women a boost in fighting off infections and diseases. Plus, women tend to have stronger antibody responses, higher levels of immunoglobulins, and more B cells, all of which help keep them healthier in the long run.


Women Can Easily Spot Differences Between Similar Shades

 It turns out there might be some truth to the jokes about men struggling to tell colors apart

Studies have found that compared to men – even those without color blindness – women have an easier time spotting differences between similar shades. Next time you need someone to spot the exact shade of something, you might want to ask a woman.


Women Tend to Pick up Language and Communication Skills Faster than Men From a Young Age

Women tend to ace language and communication skills earlier than men right from an early age.

This knack for self expression  and understanding others is thought to come from various factors, including differences in how our brains are structured. Women often have a stronger ability to form emotional bonds and connect with others, which might explain the natural proficiency in language and communication.


Women’s Skin Ages Uniquely Compared to Men’s

Women’s skin ages in its own unique way compared to men’s. Due to higher estrogen levels, women’s skin stays more elastic, while men, with their testosterone dominance, tend to have thicker and more resilient skin, packed with plenty of collagen.

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But there’s a twist. Although men might have more collagen, they lose it steadily as they age. On the other hand, women lose less collagen when they’re young, but the loss speeds up when they reach menopause. This contrast show the distinct aspects of women’s health and aging. As a woman, this emphasizes the need to understand and cater to these differences when it comes to your well-being and skincare.


Women Are More Skilled in Recognizing Faces 

Women are said to remember faces and words, outperforming men in memory tasks related to these areas. Experts believe this ability is influenced by both evolutionary factors and the way the female brain is structured.

Some scientists propose that women’s superior face recognition skills might be linked to our tendency to pay more attention to facial features and our overall ability to notice details. This heightened attention to detail could be rooted in our roles as caregivers and nurturers.


Women’s Periods May Sync Up

It’s a common knowledge among women that women who spend more time together may experience their menstrual cycles start syncing up. Period of syncing is known as “menstrual synchrony” or  “the McClintock effect.”

known as the McClintock Effect. This syncing isn’t just a coincidence, it shows how women’s bodies can tune in to lunar and seasonal cycles, affecting everything from mood to fertility. It’s a fascinating connection that highlights how deeply women are connected to nature, even if we’re not always aware of it consciously.


Women’s Hearts Beats Faster Than Men’s Due to The Size Difference

Women’s hearts are usually smaller hence why beat faster than men’s. This speedier rhythm helps pump blood around the body efficiently, making sure oxygen and nutrients reach all the right places. That extra pep in their heartbeat might just give women a bit more energy and a faster metabolism than men.


Women Can Feel a Deep Link Between Their Dreams and Intuitions

There’s been cases of women who say they can feel a deep link between their dreams and intuitions. They believe their dreams give them a window into their subconscious, revealing hidden thoughts, emotions, and wishes. While science hasn’t fully backed this up, lots of women say they’ve had premonitions or strong gut feelings from dreams, showing how closely connected our subconscious and conscious minds can be. This connection has been explored in different spiritual practices and is seen as a special expression of feminine insight and wisdom.

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Women Have Empathetic Wiring That Helps Build Strong Bonds, Fosters Nurturing Relationships, and Enhances Understanding Within Communities

Research on the brain has shown that women are usually wired for empathy more than men. This ability to empathize is linked to both how the brain is structured and how it functions. It helps women build close bonds, be nurturing, and show understanding, all of which make relationships stronger. 

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