5 Subtle Yet Magnificent Things Elegant Women Do that We Love and Admire

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I once knew a girl who believed that elegance was overrated and that true authenticity meant looking however you pleased. She thought it was cool to wear unflattering clothes, following every trend, slouch, or even talking with food in her mouth, because that’s who she was.

But then she met a girl named Helen who embodied both elegance and refinement. Not that Helen was any better than this girl; she simply realized early on the importance of being a woman of class. Helen’s attitude garnered her great attention, respect, and admiration, even from the girl who couldn’t resist it.

This realization prompted her to reconsider her views on elegance. She learned that elegance doesn’t mean trying to be someone else— it means thinking and feeling elegantly about people, things, and events, and letting those thoughts and feelings influence your behavior in an elegant way. Elegance is a sign of inner strength and grace.

That girl was a walking example of me. Were these habits attractive? No. Was I delusional to think that looking like whatever equated to true authenticity? Yes. And this holds true for many young women out there.

The question is, why do we find elegance attractive? Perhaps it’s the air of confidence that comes with looking put-together or the impression of effortless gracefulness. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that elegance is a quality we find irresistible and magnetic.

Given this, we’ve compiled five things elegant women do better that you can learn from.


Elegant Women Wardrobe


An elegant woman is instantly recognized by her wardrobe. She’s almost always wearing complementary colors, minimalistic pieces, and high-quality fabrics. There’s a clear intention behind this—they always want their elegance to be purposeful and unforgettable. This is achieved with nice fabrics, such as silk, and by having clothes that are tailored and fitted, not baggy and overwhelming. When dressing, they opt for timeless fashion over trends.


Mastering Attention to Details 


For elegant women, attention to detail is something to prioritize and master. Watching out for wrinkles on certain shirts and sweaters, stains and bleach on clothes, etc., cultivating attention to detail as a skill is imperative. Women who lack attention to detail may appear beautiful from afar, but when they get closer, they may not look as good. You might want to start paying more attention to chipped nails, jewelry turning grey, mascara smudges on the top of your eyelids, and more. Elegant women understand the importance of prioritizing these little things. They know it magnifies their overall appearance, elegance, and refinement, so they make it a habit.

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Not Showing Too Much Skin


Showing one feminine feature at a time and making it good. A lot of women probably don’t even know this is a thing, but elegant women understand ‘The Rule of One.’ They know that less is more and apply the principle of subtly showcasing one feminine part of the body at any given time, whether it’s the chest, arms, back, or legs—but with the exception of your midriff. This might sound a little off, but elegant women don’t show their stomach because not only does it come across as tacky, it also makes a grown woman look like a 15-year-old. Yes, I know women who show off cleavage, hips, and other intimate parts of the body, will disagree and say, ‘but this is what makes me confident!’

I get that, but I’ll be completely honest with you. For someone who has been there, done that, I’d say, more often than not, it only boosts your confidence because it’s most likely the easiest way to get male validation. And even if that’s part of the goal, you can still very much get male attention fully clothed. For elegant women, confidence, elegance, and femininity shine through on a level that turns a man’s head.”


Respect and Manners


Good and exceptional manners are the foundation of elegance. If you come from a home where you’re taught manners and how to respect others, then your parents have done an amazing job. Expressing gratitude, not interrupting people when speaking, Saying please in any setting and anyone we’re talking to, in any context is important because, in most cases, it’s one of the things by which we are judged in our relations to others. 

Of course having good manners go beyond saying thank you and please in a restaurant for example is so basic but in this day and age you would think that’s something anyone should know but lots of people are still caught in the act. And there are others

cringe-worthy things like chewing with your mouth open, smacking, just to name a few. Unfortunately modern women are judging traditionalism and etiquette are being Judged and frowned upon by modern women, A lot of women still think women like this are inauthentic “pick-mes,” but if you’re someone who want to brush up and level up shouldn’t let that stop you from being classy and refined. 

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Good Posture


Elegant women know that a good posture is a simple yet powerful way to be more chic. The way you carry yourself affects how people respond to you and even reveal how you feel about yourself.

When you start learning how to correct your posture, you’ll notice your clothes will sit better, your frame will appear more elongated, you’ll feel more confident and empowered – and you might be suprised to feel more motivated. With good posture, you’ll certamm exude more grace and poise.

If you have a habit of slouching or want to improve your posture, then you should know that cultivating an elegant posture is less about certain technique and more about awareness – observe how you hold your body and make few adjustments toward greater confidence and inner poise. And other things like the following tips goes a long way:

  • Stand straight, gently pulling your shoulders back if they are hunched forward.
  • Let your head and chin rest comfortably on your neck.
  • Walk with a gentle, inner confidence. Neither strutting nor shrinking into yourself.
  • Sit down and stand up slowly and mindfully.
  • Be aware of your movements.
  • Move with grace – It also helps to think of someone you admire and look up to, it could be anyone you know or your favorite celebrities. For example Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Connelly, or anyone whose poise inspires you.

Closing Thoughts

More than being elegant, being elegant urges women to respect themselves, self image, and how they carry themselves. I know it’s normal to feel pressured to fit into society, being a young woman who acts and dresses lousy and submit to certain trends but you don’t want to be one of those. One thing remains true, Elegance will never go out of fashion. 

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