Videos Showcasing Great Results From Chemical Peels are going Viral, But Experts Warn of Potential Kidney and Liver Risks from the Acid Used

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The beauty industry is always on the hunt for new tricks and innovative ways to promise younger looking skin. There were  times when procedures such as botox or any other cosmetic treatments was once a hushed secret nobody dared mention, now it’s out in the open—many women are getting some kind of “injections” to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Another trending non-surgical cosmetic treatment gaining traction is the chemical peel, renowned for its significant impact on skin rejuvenation and enhancement. This procedure involves the application of a carefully formulated chemical solution to exfoliate the skin’s surface layer, revealing a vibrant and fresh layer underneath.

Chemical peels have proven effective in addressing skin issues such as sun damage, acne, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. They are categorized into light, medium, and deep peels, each tailored to different skin conditions and offering varying depths of exfoliation.

Statistics show that Surgeons reported approximately 1.3 million chemical peel procedures performed in 2020, indicating a steady increase in demand. Women make up the majority of recipients, accounting for about 92% of all cosmetic procedure patients.

Chemical peels are believed to promote skin health by accelerating the natural exfoliation process, leading to improved texture and appearance. They are said to stimulate collagen production, a crucial protein responsible for the skin’s elasticity, thereby reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

However, the skin can become very red and even raw for a period of time, as famously depicted by Samantha’s face at Carrie’s book launch party in “Sex and the City.” Raising concerns about the safety of especially strong chemical peels.


Deep Chemical Peels and Their Safety Implications

You might have seen some viral videos on social media particularly on TikTok showing women getting deep chemical peels done at a clinic in Brazil. These chemical peels use a powerful substance called carbolic acid, also known as phenol, which is commonly used in the medical and cosmetic industry. Phenol peels are the most intense type of chemical peels and can give dramatic results.

So, how do these peels work? Well, they cause a controlled injury to the skin, which triggers the skin’s natural healing process. The phenol solution goes deep into the skin, removing damaged layers and encouraging the production of collagen, which helps to reduce severe sun damage, deep wrinkles, and discoloration.

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But these peels are not for everyone. They are strong and need to be done by a skilled medical professional with lots of safety precautions. Recovery can take longer, and there’s a higher risk of complications compared to lighter peels. So, it’s important for patients to be carefully evaluated to make sure it’s safe for them.


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Some people are concerned about the potential risks of phenol peels. @TheCosmeticLane on Twitter mentions that phenol can damage the heart, kidneys, and liver. Plus, the videos show women with a dark peel on their faces, which looks quite intense. When the peel is removed, you can see a big layer of skin coming off, leaving the skin red and delicate. It’s not clear how long it takes for the skin to heal fully.



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While the results might look great in the videos, many comments point out that you can still see the woman’s true age around their eyes and neck, as the peel can’t be used there. Some people are questioning if it’s worth it and if it’s sending the right message to young women.

After all, using such strong chemicals on your skin might not be good for your body in the long run. Instead, shouldn’t we focus on aging gracefully and taking care of our bodies and skin throughout our lives? Making informed choices when it comes to beauty treatments is by far one of the best ways to looking out for ourselves and reaping the benefits in the long run.

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